Are you Insured?

Yes.  We are fully insured in the event of injury due to our gross
negligence or malfunction of our equipment.  This statement in no way
implies legal responsibility. Please read your rental agreement. Our
coverage is a 2 million dollar aggregate insurance policy.

Please note: All individuals and/or companies that rent a bounce house
are required to sign a liability waiver prior to set up. We CANNOT set up
a bounce house until the liability waiver is signed by an adult.

How large are your moonbounces?

Units are 15 ft x 15 ft and 13 ft x 13 ft.

How much room do I need to set up?

You need a space of 20 feet x 20 feet. The area should be relatively flat.

Can you set the moonbounce up anywhere in my yard?

The moonbounce needs to be within 75 feet of an outlet.  Longer cords
can be used, but the blower will lose power, as the extension cord gets

Can you set the moonbounce up on cement?

Yes, the moonbounce will be secured with sand bags rather than stakes.  
However, it is HIGHLY recommended that the moonbounce be set up on
grass whenever possible.

Can I set the moonbounce up on a park where there is not an electrical

For locations that do not have access to power, we offer a gasoline
powered generator for a fee (gasoline is included).

How many kids can safely bounce at once?

Depends on the size of the moonbounce and the bouncers, however we
provide the following maximum capacity numbers:

Children 8 and under = 12; Children 10 - 12 = 10; Teens = 7; Adults = 5

What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bounce?

There must ALWAYS be someone supervising the moonbounce. Our
contract requires that an adult over the age of 21 be home when the
bounce is setup.  We will review the features of the bounce with this
individual, as well as our safety regulations.

Does Eazy Rentals charge extra for delivery and setup?

We’ll deliver, set up and remove the equipment for 40.00 if the location is
within 20 miles of zip code 21244. If the event address is more than 20
miles away, an additional delivery fee will apply.

Can you provide an attendant with our rental?

Definitely!  We’ll be happy provide an attendant for your rental for an
hourly rate to supervise the moonbounce, so you can enjoy the party.  
This must be requested at the time of  reservation.

What do I need to do before the moonbounce arrives?

Check local weather. Call to confirm the reservation and verify that last-
minute changes were entered. Customers should clear the moonbounce
path and area.

It is important to remember that the bounce blower is powered by
electricity and that electricity and water don't mix. If rain is encountered,
ask everyone to quickly and calmly exit the moonbounce. Once it is
emptied, unplug the blower and allow the unit to deflate. DO NOT USE
passed, plug the blower back in, allow the unit to inflate and have an
adult dry the interior with a towel. Vinyl is very slippery when wet. Once
dry, the bounce can be utilized again.

What is your Weather Policy?

Weather cancellations can only be decided upon the morning of the rental
due to the ever-changing nature of weather forecasts. If the local weather
is calling for rain or winds of 20 mph or more on that day, both you and
Eazy Rentals can agree BEFORE delivery, that it will be unsafe to use
the bouncer and the event should be cancelled. In which case your
deposit will be refunded or applied to another day.

No Refunds will be provided once the bounce is set up.